To best estimate the price of a move, many criteria must be taken into account whether you decide to hire professionals or move alone. Beyond the obvious costs that we think of, there are many hidden costs not to neglect — a complete overview.

Understand the price of a move by professionals

If you use a specialized moving company like, the basic criteria taken into account to calculate the price of your move is the distance to be covered, the locality, and amount of belongings to be moved.

Then everything depends on the formula you choose. From the minimum formula where the mover simply moves the cartons from point A to point B without worrying about packing / unpacking, the all-inclusive formula where you have nothing to do, prices can go from simple to triple!

Be careful, however. Beyond these standard fees, a number of hidden fees can drive up the bill without you realizing it: the number of floors, the presence or absence of an elevator, the need to use a freight elevator, voluminous objects like a piano, or even seasonality.

Are You Moving Alone, The Cheapest Solution?

For the vast majority of people, moving cheap means moving on their own. Much less expensive than hiring professionals, relocating alone still requires specific fees.

In the first place, all the material must be obtained: cardboard or moving kit, protective film, tape roll, devil, pair of gloves, blankets, or straps. Fortunately, most of these things can be recovered (like cards from local businesses) or loaned by those around you.

Then you have to plan the rental of the moving truck. Beyond the fixed price of the rental, it is necessary to add variable costs such as mileage, fuel, or toll.

Finally, do not forget to provide food and drinks on the day for your friends to lend a hand. Some pizzas and cool sodas will delight everyone without costing you too much!

In the list of administrative procedures to be carried out following a move, do not forget to inform your car insurer of your change of address.

Auto Insurance & Change of Place of Residence

The move is a major change of situation that you must inform your car insurance company. Otherwise, this can lead to the nullity of the contract or the reduction of the compensation in case of disaster. Depending on the geographical area, the risks involved may be different. You leave the countryside to settle in a big city? Your car will now sleep in a closed garage, or on the contrary, will park outside? Your journey home-work is changed? All of these factors taken into account can affect your auto insurance premium. Also be careful if you move homes with your own vehicle. You might not be covered by your typical car insurance. It’s always best to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered. And if not you should buy some moving insurance that is specific to moving homes with your car.

How To Inform Your Car Insurance About Your Move?

By registered letter with insured of reception, you must transmit to your insurer all the new information:

  • new address
  • moving date
  • Vehicle parking mode
  • change on the journeys made with your vehicle.

Note that this formality can be done online or by phone at some insurance companies.

According to the information provided, it will send you an updated green card and recalculate your premium. If it increases, you can choose to cancel your car insurance.

Cancel your car insurance after a move

Moving is a change of circumstances that allows termination at any time, even within one year of commitment. As of your moving date, you have 3 months to cancel your current contract. This will take effect one month after receipt. No fees or penalties will apply. Also, your former insurer is required to reimburse you for the portion of the premium received during which the risk has not occurred. A good way to compete and save money.