Moving Homes Sucks!

Are you about to move homes? Have you realised how much that is going to suck?

If you’ve moved before you know you are going to have your life throw into a world of chaos until you are settled in your new place.

  • Finding a new place can take forever.
  • Packing takes hours upon hours.
  • Making sure all services are disconnected or transfer to your new place is an endless list that, exactly that, never seems to end!
  • Moving day itself is super stressful
  • Unpacking in your new place can take a week or so depending on how much there is to do.
  • Figuring out where everything is in your new area takes a few months

“Moving is the most stressful process one can go through in life!


But don’t worry! We are here to help! We are moving experts and with our tips and tricks. You are going to reduce the stress involved in your move by ten fold if you take on our advice.

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